Aug 182011


Helping companies optimize their Google Places listing can be a full time job if you’re interested.

Since you’re an Internet Marketer all ready and know something about SEO, working with Google Places would be  a piece of cake for you and I strongly suggest you try.

Depending on what I have to do, I charge anywhere from $195 on up to over $2500.

And getting customers is as easy as typing in any local niche type business and go to the 2nd through 10th page looking for companies that have a website but are not in the top few listings.

Then check their Places page and see if they claimed it.

Visit my other website for more information;

I have a free eBook you can get that explains Google Places in detail and has a step by step guide on setting up a listing.



Apr 202011

Affiliate Marketing (AM) or also called Internet Marketing (IM) is pretty easy to understand.

There are companies like Amazon, eBay and ClickBank (and thousands of others-search affiliate programs) that sell products, both tangible and digital.

They have their own websites to sell their stuff  and to further increase sales they have affiliate or partner programs.

If you become an affiliate of one of these companies, they will pay you a commission anytime you refer a visitor to them and that visitor makes a purchase.

The commissions can range from about 4% (Amazon’s lowest rate) to ClickBank’s (sign up for ClickBank here) rate which pays from about 50 to 70%.

You can place a link anywhere (emails, newspaper ads, classified ads, business cards, forums  etc…) that will direct someone to the exact site that you’re an affiliate for and if they buy, you get the commission. This is called direct linking.

Or you can place a link on your own relevant website  that first warms up the visitor then refers them to the site you’re an affiliate with. Generally speaking, your conversion rate will be higher doing it this way then direct linking.

The basic principle is easy. Direct someone looking to buy to the appropriate site and if they buy, you make money.

The steps one must do to get their link in front of the buyer is easy enough though tedious and time consuming and this is where the problem lies for most people who want to start their IM career.

There are so many “how to get rich on the internet fast ” programs  that most beginners  actually believe it’s fast and easy.

Frankly, up until the recession hit, it was pretty easy.  All you needed was a Google Adwords account, some decent keywords and some products to sell. Working an hour or so per day would generate  hundreds dollars of profits each day.

People aren’t pulling out their credit cards that easy anymore. Yes, internet sales are still huge. No,  crappy websites or ads still bring visitors.

And all the major search engines aren’t giving high rankings (imperative to getting traffic) to websites just because they’re there. You have to have unique, relevant and original content on your website or you won’t be ranked high enough to get traffic.

Without traffic, you’re better off with a part time job at Burger King then you are trying to be an IM.

Since WordPress has become the website builder of choice whether or not you’re an avid blogger, many developers have come up with Auto Blogging programs (plugins) that you install on your blog, set it to automatically scrape content and products off the internet and they run on their own. Hence the name Auto Blogging.

Again, before the recession and the search engine changes, auto blogging was great. In reality you could build a website and use the auto blogging programs to get your content in a matter of an hour or 2. and it would run by itself. That was really cool.

Now the auto blogging plan won’t work anymore and if you know of sites that are still ranked, that’s plain dumb luck which will end as soon as a human from Google reviews it. Don’t think for a minute real humans don’t look at websites. Google has thousands of employees who do nothing but.

The plan that must be implemented  now (I do it every day) is 100% real content that’s posted regularly (several times daily would not be too much) and it must be unique .

If you’re having trouble understanding what I’m talking about, ask a question in the comment section and I’ll explain it better.

By constantly having new original posts  the search engines will continue to visit my sites and rank my posts and pages which is the key to getting traffic.

The higher you’re ranked, the more people will click on your listing.

To see what I mean by ranking, type in any word into a Google search box and hit enter. Directly under and to the right of the search results will be paid ads and they will be noted as ads. If you don’t see any, refresh the page a few times. If ads still don’t come up then no one is advertising using the search term.

Directly under the top ads are what are known as organic listings and this the where we all want to be listed as high up as possible.

According to Google, the top listing gets most of the clicks from searchers then #2 and 3 get clicks but considerably fewer.

You will still get clicks even further down the rankings but no where near what you would get if your were ranked #1, 2 or 3.

The type of affiliate websites I make are all WordPress blogs and are in about 15 different niches.

I have experimented with links on the home page that immediately direct to the site I’m affiliated with and with only linking to pages inside my site then that page links out to the affiliate site.

There is no question that the inbound linking sites are ranked much higher then the sites that link out.

Not only do those sites rank much higher, a secondary benefit is the visitors stay on your site longer. Google looks at the length of time your visitors stay and is part of their ranking algorithm.

I strongly suggest that all of your affiliate websites do not link out to another site on your home page. Use your home page to link to another one of your pages or posts then link out from there.

Again, if you don’t understand, all you have to do is ask me a question in the comment section and I’ll reply pronto.








Apr 022011

My Favorite WordPress Plugins-Must Have If You Want To Make Money Online!


I’ve tried hundreds of plugins and believe these are the best ones for anyone to use.

To make it easier when installing, put them all in one folder on your computer so they’re  easier to find when you’re installing them on your blog.

I use both free and premium plugs and note that for each one.


Akismet -Free

Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. It keeps your site protected from spam even while you sleep. To get started: 1) Click the “Activate” link to the left of this description, 2) Sign up for an Akismet API key, and 3) Go to your Akismet configuration page, and save your API key.
Version 2.5.3 | By Automattic


SI CAPTCHA Anti-SpamFree

Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress forms for comments, registration, lost password, login, or all. This prevents spam from automated bots. WP, WPMU, and BuddyPress compatible.  Along with Akismet, solves your spam problem.
Version 2.7 | By Mike Challis


All in One Adsense and YPNFree

Inserts Adsense or YPN code in to your blog posts. Ad position can be random or pre-defined. I think it’s pretty easy to use. I just hope the developer is on the level.
Version 2.01 | By linewbie


All in One SEO Pack -Free

Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog. I think this plugin does everything that’s needed though some people disagree and think other on page SEO plugins are better. I’ve looked at them and they are much more complicated. I do fine with this one so I’m sticking with it.

Options configuration panel | Upgrade to Pro Version | Donate | Support | Amazon Wishlist
Version | By Michael Torbert


Easy Privacy Policy -Free

Automatically adds a privacy policy page that includes an Adsense compliance section.  There is a chance you won’t be able to get it using the link. Contact me on this blog and I’ll email you a file.

Google XML Sitemaps with qTranslate Support -Free

This plugin will create a Google sitemaps compliant XML-Sitemap of your WordPress blog which is supported by, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO. qTranslate Compliant version by NeoEGM. Configuration Page
Version | By NeoEGM, Arne Brachhold

Official StatCounter Plugin -Free

Adds the StatCounter tracking code to your blog. After uploading this plugin click ‘Activate’ (to the right) and then afterward you must visit the options page and enter your StatCounter Project Info to enable logging.

I don’t use Google analytics.  The best way for me to explain my feelings is this; Google is the biggest big brother ever and they know enough about my business without me giving them the keys to the front door too. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Google, I just don’t trust them.

StatCounter gives me all the info I need.

Version 1.5 | By Aodhan Cullen


WP Super Cache-  Free

HostGator now uploads a caching plugin with installation called WP Super Cache. It’s an easy set up and so far so good.

Fast Secure Contact FormFree

I don’t have the link for this one but it’ll be easy to find. Makes great contact forms. I use it on a lead generating site for the water softener niche. Works great for that. I made up about 8 fields and ask the visitor questions then sell the lead to service companies in the visitor’s area.







Apr 022011

This Is How I Make Money Working From Home


I’ve been earning a full time living working from home since 2008.

I do it a few different ways.

1. Affiliate websites: I have a number of these, all Word Press blogs that have good content and link to different products, both digital and physical andI earn a commission when someone buys the product after they click on the link I provide.

2. Tangible  product website: I worked in an industry for a number of years and know  the cheapest part of the product they sold.  I make a replacement for that part.

3. A SEO service website: I’m pretty good at getting sites indexed and favorably listed on the search engines. And I know quite a bit about Google Places. I sell a service that helps companies get higher rankings with both SEO and Google Places. I also build Word Press blogs for people.

I started the tangible and SEO websites only because affiliate marketing  has slowed down. I can’t say if all affiliate marketers have faced this but I’m willing to guess they have and I probably wouldn’t believe anyone if they told me they’re doing as well now as they did before the recession hit.

Buyers online are as careful spending their money as they are off line now  so you really need excellent content and a good product to get them to pull out their credit card.

Check out each way I generate income.  Hopefully you’ll get an idea or two, or just copy what I do.

I list the best free plugins and the best premium plugins I use through out my blog. Dig around a little to find the info you need.  The premium plugins are pretty cheap and I wouldn’t use them unless they helped me make money.

And I talk about hosting and places to buy domains.

Don’t think for a minute there isn’t room for more entrepreneurs in this business because most people quit in a short time.

Why? Because now it’s real work. 2 years ago I worked about 20 minutes a day and made a small fortune.  Now I work a full day most days. It’s still great.  I do what I want when I want to but I have to work 100 times as hard.

If you really want it and are willing to listen, you can do it.

If you think you’re going to find some secret by buying some kind of system for $79, you might as well forget it. There is no such thing. I will recommend stuff to you if I use it and can affirm that it works and is worth it. Of course, anything purchased through my links will most likely generate a commission for me.

Everything you need to know is here or plenty of other places for free. You just have to do the research to find  it or just stay here, you won’t do wrong. And forget the get rich quick stuff. It’s BULL.

Thanks for reading, follow all the ways I do it and you’ll have a good shot.

Ask any question you want in the comment sections. I’m always glad to answer.



Mar 312011

Hosting Word Press Blogs At Go Daddy – UPDATE





GoDaddy did it to me again.

First of all, if you’re new to hosting WordPress sites, DO NOT USE GODADDY OR HOST GATOR. Any of the big time guru’s who recommend them do it only to make a commission. They don’t use shared servers.

At Gator, I’ve been hacked 5 times, at GoDaddy I think I’ve been hacke twice but they won’t admit it (its’ always MY fault), F U to both of them.

The straw that broke the camel’s back.

As you know, for a long time all my WP sites were slow and I complained to GD over and over for over a year. Finally one of their techs slipped up and told me my server sucked the big one and he’ll move me.

Low a behold in 36 hours my sites were amazingly fast. That lasted for about 6 months. They slowed down again but I didn’t bitch, I didn’t want  to go through their BS phone system again.

I had one site that really started acting up. You know, every time you update a post, page, plugin or theme, you get the error message about the server was disconnected or some BS like that. This site is really important to me so I called support. This is in September 2013. I told the tech guy the problem, he looked, everything is fine and he’s going to ask somebody else to check.

A few minutes later I’m told we can’t find anything wrong but we think you have malware on the site. I asked if you checked the vulnerable files, they said yes and didn’t find anything unusual but you still might have malware. So I asked what should I do?

He said he didn’t have an answer for me. Didn’t know what to do.

I hung up on him and I’m in the process of learning how to use Amazon Web Services. A few years ago I checked into AWS but it really looked difficult. It’s been made a little easier so I’m going to figure it out and move everything out of GoDaddy and Host Gator.

Shared servers suck the big one. On Amazon, it suppose to be like having your own dedicated server and it’s fairly cheap.

I’ll tried and make a detailed explanation exactly how to start on AWS because the existing instructionals are made by programmer/geeks and those guys think they’re explaining something to another geek. In other words, those suck too.

As Arnold would say, “I’ll be back”.



As many of you know, I haven’t been a fan of Go Daddy hosting for quite awhile.

For over 2 years I complained to them over and over about the continual error messages when adding or updating content and the over all slowness of my blogs.


I have SEO customers with just one site and little content with the same problem.

GoDaddy  always blamed the problems on me, Word Press and the plug ins I use.

Same blame with my SEO customers.

I had empty skeleton sites that scored poorly and were a pain to even add content to so I just let them sit plus they did poorly on Yahoo speed so I really didn’t pay attention when one of their techs advised me in Jan. of 2011 to  move from my present server to what they call a grid server.

My yearly account was up for renewal in April 2011 so I finally decided that the performance of my blogs were going to improve now or I’m moving everything out of Go Daddy hosting.

Expecting the worse moving to a new grid server I was pleasantly surprised.

With little help from them, the move took 36 hours and boom, I have the fastest sites I’ve ever seen.

You will be off line for just a little while but it’s well worth it.

Now I’m much faster then Host Gator, at least 30% faster and Gator was pretty good.

I’ m happy I can edit sites in seconds instead of 1/2 hours with NO error messages.

I’m happy that my speed has gone up from in the low 70’s to the high 80’s.

But I’m still really pissed that it took them so long to figure out that my server sucked the big one and I needed to move to the grid server.

I wasted countless hours updating sites waiting and waiting and waiting re-sending and re-sending and re-sending because of server error messages.

I wasted countless hours with their support staff only to be told it’s not them, it’s me.

If any of you are experiencing a high frequency of error messages when you’re editing your Word Press blogs and your sites are really slow, call Go Daddy and tell them you want the fix needed or you’re moving to Host Gator pronto.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but now I gotta recommend Go Daddy for hosting on their grid servers.


You won’t believe the difference!


Mar 152011

There are 2 very similar WordPress squeeze page plugins.

One is Easy Squeeze Pro and the other one is WP Squeeze Pro.

They pretty much do the same thing and they both work very well.

Easy Squeeze Pro is cheaper and it might be because the template options are fewer and they  are not quite as attractive as the templates you get with WP Squeeze Pro.

Easy Squeeze Pro offers a personal license (use the plugin on all the sites you own but you can’t sell them with the plugin included) for $25.00 or a resellers license (use the plugin on your sites or your clients sites and you can sell your sites with the plugin included) for $47.00.

Easy Squeeze Pro works well and for $25.00 or $47.00, you really can’t beat it.

One other benefit from buying Easy Squeeze Pro is it’s sold through ClickBank and comes with ClickBank’s 60 day guarantee. I’ve yet to have any refund I’ve requested from a ClickBank product refused as they really stand behind the stuff they sell.

The plugin is easy to use and they have full support including videos that if you take the few minutes to watch, it makes using the plugin a breeze.


WP Squeeze Pro is more expensive but you’re paying for an increased number of templates and a little nicer design.

For $97.00, you can use WP Squeeze Pro on up to 20 sites and this  is the one thing that bugs me about WP Squeeze Pro.  For $97.00, you should get an unlimited license or at least many many more then 20 sites!

WP Squeeze Pro does work well and their templates are nice.

It too is easy to use and comes with full support and videos that make using it a breeze.


All in all, both squeeze page WordPress plugins  worth very well.

Of course you have heard that the money is in the list and it’s really true. Either plugin will place you on the road you want to be on and they both have video squeeze page options if that’s your cup of tea.

One point I want to make about video is I strongly suggest you have the points of your video in text below it. Some people won’t want to wait to listen to your whole message. Give them the option to read the bullet points and sign up for your deal before the end of the video.

I think the  deciding factor when deciding which plugin to use  is price or what you can afford because they both work well.

You can start with Easy Squeeze  Pro then upgrade to WP Squeeze Pro for nicer templates when you’re making more money.

And one last thought in case you don’t realize this one point:

You have to have an account with Aweber or another autoresponder  service.

Aweber will cost you about $19 per month and the others, Get Response, iContact, MailChimp, Constant Contact etc… will have similar prices.

I use Aweber and like them alot and ;think they are the best but they’re all pretty good and do the job.

Dec 292010

Feverish Back-Linking Will Ruin Your Google Search Ranking


I had an interesting conversation via email with a back linking company. They have different packages one may purchase which  promises to submit comments with your URL and keywords on blogs and forums all over the world.

In case you didn’t know, comment linking is making some kind of comment which includes anchor text (some say the best link) that points to the URL you want. Anchor text is highlighted words you see when visiting websites and if you click on them, you get directed to another site.

When he told me 1,000 links are done in about 14 days, I had to ask the question, “how can 1,000 comment links submitted in 14 days not be construed as spamming by the Search Engines?”

Of course I never received an answer. Can you guess why?  Because it is spamming and submitting links like that may give you a shot of link juice that propels you up the search listings for a very short while and that’s about as long as it will last, a very short while.

Google and eventually the others (will take them longer because their search algorithms are no where near the class of the big G) will slap your site so fast, you’ll be wondering what the heck happened.

Of course the old adage, “Some people will sell anything to make a buck and some people will buy anything to make a buck” holds true here.

Ask yourself if submitting 1,000 comments in 14 days (about 71 per day) is or would be  a natural occurrence if you just built a blog or website today?

Do you understand my point? Of course it isn’t natural and Google will see through that and rank your website/blog where it should be, no where.

There are no shortcuts to SEO and Internet Marketing. The sites that are basically link farms are found out every day and the small amount of juice they can offer will be wiped out which brings me to another point.

Lately, I’ve been getting offers from sites with PR 4, 5 and 6 to exchange links with a few sites I have that I spend zero time on, get no more then 1,000 visitors per month, have no page rank and high Alexa rankings.

What these link farms are looking for are people like me who don’t spam or cheat and have all natural traffic because their links are running out of juice and they need some good back linking  I tested a few, gained no benefit what so ever and have stopped the exchanges.

I researched these link farms and checked their content. It’s all spun mumbo-jumbo that makes no sense, offers nothing to a searcher/visitor and is losing ground fast. Thus the reaching out to me.

I can say this until I’m blue in the face; it’s time to grow up about backlinking and stop trying to get high rankings in a couple of weeks by using link farms or linking companies that do nothing but spam blogs or forums or have dozens if not more of the link farms themselves.

Dec 122010

Back Linking And Comments – Is It Spam Or A Useful Comment?


I use two great plugins for spam.

Akismet of course, millions use it and it’s great. I did get tired of cleaning out the spam (you don’t have to, it deletes it on it’s own. I’m just crazy!) so I wanted something else to keep out the bots.

So I add SI Captcha  which did the trick. It’s a wonderful plugin.

I didn’t have any spam for months then all of a sudden  stupid comments from people looking for a back link to their site starting showing up.

When this kind of stuff happens, I know there was some big launch of another  product for SEO or back linking with instructions on placing comments  on other sites to get back links to one’s own site.

Which of course, is a great idea. Google places a ton of weight on the activity of your blog/site and comments could very well be the heaviest.

But of course it doesn’t work  because the comments aren’t a true comment but just spam.

It’s time to grow up about the way you place comments because you’re just wasting your time (and mine too!) otherwise.

Do you really think someone will allow one of your comments to stick when you visited their site for the first time ever and spent 20 seconds there?

I love comments. I want comments. But I won’t allow spam comments.

If you’re going to do it, spend longer then  2 seconds on a site and make a good comment!

I’m not saying this will work every time, but you’re wasting your time doing it the way you’re doing it now.

And  get your money back from the product you purchased that advised this course of back linking.

To sum it all up: Real comments are great, carry a lot of weight with the SE’s and gives you a great back link when done properly.

Dec 102010

UPDATE-I’ve changed my opinion.

Read more here….


I’ve had it!

I don’t care what anyone says.
I don’t care what the Big Daddy says.

GoDaddy sucks for hosting WordPress blogs.

I have quite a few there and I’m moving everyone of them.

Every time I update or edit ANYTHING I get an error message and I have to resend.
Most times the edit or update goes through on the resend.

Many times it doesn’t and I have to resend again.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, does it?

Wait until you do 200 times in a day and you’ll understand what I mean.

You really don’t know what’s going on with your sites at GoDaddy unless you’re working on them all the time.

I use to have many static sites and I never had problems  but I never really did much to them.
Once they were built, I didn’t touch them unless I made an edit.

Now I’m wondering how often they were down.

But with blogs, they are more hands on and require editing, changes etc….

Just yesterday, Dec. 9, for at least 60 minutes, I couldn’t update anything in 10 sites and 5 sites wouldn’t even come up. I kept getting a, “Sorry, we are doing maintenance, check back later” message.

This was about 6 PM. Who knows how often and how long this occurs and this isn’t something new.

It’s been going on since I switched to WordPress about 12 months ago or so.

Buy your domain at GoDaddy, they are the largest  in the world and they have great coupon deals.
Then switch the name server to HostGator and host your site there.

You’ll have to wait about a day or so for the name server switch but it’s worth it.

It’s easy to do. I don’t have time to write about it now but leave me a comment and tell me what you want to do and I’ll answer with step by step instructions.




Jul 252010

Internet Marketing-The Gurus-They Make Me Laugh-Not In A Funny Way


No offense “Gurus” but it’s time you step out of your little world and read what the heck you’re trying to sell to the Internet Marketing Newbies.

I’m probably jaded a bit because I’ve been around and know a lot but all your pitches are practically identical to each other, selling the same stuff in the same boring manor.

You all claim to do what you’re trying to sell but I don’t believe you anymore.

You have all lowered yourself to selling to the easiest person on the Internet, Internet Marketing Newbies.

Who will believe anything to make a buck and it’s a perfect fit for you because you’ll sell anything to make a buck.

For a while the craze was website flipping and it’s still going pretty strong.

And some may be lucky to sell something really good at a great price and all the Gurus use the same 2 examples.

But in real life, it just doesn’t work like that.

Now the craze is getting indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing search.

And you MUST to it their way and spend about 100 bucks per month to find out.

They know you’ll hang around for a couple of months so a nice commission of $200 or so is really good.

Newbies, get on as many email lists as you can and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

They all work in their little groups, exchanging ideas, pretending to really care about you, trying to talk to you in their “folksy” manor but believe me, it’s just a sales pitch. They are no more honest or dis-honest then anyone else.

They’re just pushing the latest greatest and they know you’ll bite because the one thing they do really well is write copy.

So “Gurus”, you want me off  your back? Prove to me that you sell other stuff in non-internet marketing niches.

And I’m not talking about $50 per month on sites selling Amazon stuff either.

And I’m not talking about selling your own product.

You want to be a Guru, pick a niche on ClickBank, and sell a product and lets see if you can make 10k per month.

I do it that and more every month. I bet you can’t!

Jun 172010

Many new members of Wealthy Affiliates post this question.

Figuring out what and where to put photos and content can be a little tricky.

The good news? I’ll always give you a good opinion on your sites.

The bad news? You’ll need a thick skin.

Here is my answer to this post at WA:

Please take a look at my landing page. Even if your feedback is “wow dude, that sucks” I’d be grateful.

It took me less then 4 seconds to decide whether to read your copy.

I decided not to read it.

And that’s why few people are clicking through.

You should pause your campaign ASAP and re-do your copy starting with the headline.
If you don’t, you will be throwing your ad word money away.

But first, have you researched this niche?

Have you looked at dozens if not hundreds of organic and paid listings for your keywords?
Yeah, it takes time but yeah, that’s how you succeed in this business. And you will get ideas for a good looking page too.

Have you visited investment forums and read hundreds of posts to see what actual investors are talking about? I guarantee you will get ideas you never thought of.

And remember, most of the marketing you will see are failed attempts so you have to look at everything from a searchers point of view, not yours.

Find the threads on famous copywriters in the WA forum and check out their websites. You will find many free ideas for headlines and copy that will stand out and keep your searcher reading instead of hitting the back button.

See if you can find any info commercials about investing. Borrow the catch phrases they use to keep someone watching. Some of the best copywriters around write or consult on them.

And start reading and saving the junk mail that you find captivating. Many top copywriters work on those projects too. And many of them are about investing.

And test the number of reviews per LP.

There is no rule that you have to have 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 product reviews on one LP.

With a good headline and copy, a single product review will work but you have to test.

And, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, searchers will see through that in a New York minute and hit the back button before they take their next breath.

Good Luck!

Jun 142010

It’s a mistake not buying the Clickbank product if you’re doing some type of product review, I don’t care what it is.

The internet has been the new home of every crook and scam artist in the world. On line searchers and buyers aren’t stupid and are checking things out even more before pulling out their credit card to make a purchase.

Reviewing a sales page or someone else’s review may get you sales.
But doing real reviews from your own perspective will get you many many more.

A real review (breaking the product down, section by section etc…) can fill a WP blog, get you great rankings and if you’re good, pass adwords approval process with good QS.

A poor review will have you scratching your head wondering why you’re not making any money.

You need the product to use and review so ask the merchant for a copy. If he won’t provide you with one, buy a copy. Really use it and if it’s bad, return it following ClickBank’s return policy.

Or just keep it. That’s what I do, unless it really stinks. I have tons of products.

One other reason that I buy everything I review (this article  is about ClickBank) and strongly advise the same:

When you find a product that sucks, I mean really blows and it’s heavily marketed or popular, you can do another type of campaign. I didn’t coin the campaign but I call it going against and the results can be stunning.

Using a product name or part of one as your keyword/s and domain/s and writing a review against it (negative) while promoting another product in the same niche can have awesome results.

Works with PPC and articles.

You can use it in Adwords but you must have a solid blog or website for them.
And you have to review your product top to bottom (that’s why you need to buy and use it) and have at least an 8 page blog or site.

You’re catching people searching for a product name ready to buy.
Your mission, convince them the product they’re searching for sucks the big one (you won’t know unless you use/try it) and the one you recommend is the 2nd coming (again, use/try this one and make sure it is good)!
Have links for both. Your recommendation will convert better but the against product will convert for you too.

If you do a lot of research searching all kinds of stuff ( I spend hours upon hours) what you’ll see is about 90% or more of pure junk that’s organically ranked. Most of it is the same junk,  just spun over and over. Or it takes looking at 10 different listings to find something worth while.

Even though Adwords got rid of the bulk of the BS ads, the stuff still running  is almost as bad as the stuff they banned.

My point is, the competition is fierce but most of it can be beaten because their content is so blatantly lousy.
It’s all bad because they’re all using the same resources that used the same resources to write it.
Might even be the merchant’s review!

You can separate yourself from the crowd in that niche by having a great review site.
Searchers appreciate it and so will you’re bank account!

Apr 012010

Here are just a few things that bug me about working as an Internet Marketer.

1. The crooks, scams, cheats and rats that all gravitate to the Internet. As great as the Internet is for starting a business, it’s also a great place for the crooks and cheats too.

BEWARE each and every time your online, buying online, posting online anything online.

To really protect myself, I use Microsoft’s protection software for my computer and never ever use my real name, address etc…. online. I think a big percentage of the protection software are nothing but scams anyway, that’s why I use Microsoft.

You can have what ever opinion you want about Bill Gates and Microsoft, I don’t think they’re cheats.

Come up with different names so no one can track your activities.

2. I hate the people ( and hate is an understatement) who write the instructions for technical type stuff. Probably 89% of the time, while following step by step instructions, what ever your trying to do DOESN’T work.

There is always something left out or something changed or something something and the end result is someone like me spending hour after hour trying to get something to work that should take 2 minutes.

Whether it’s done on purpose or it’s just mistakes, those people must understand the absolute grief involved when a non-tech person is trying to do tech stuff with incorrect instructions. And waiting for support prolongs the agony.

3. The speed of the internet. I spend  hundreds per month for dsl, cable, wireless and they all suck one way or another through out the day.

Can’t the providers get it so it’s fast ALL the time? Sometimes it’s awesome, like a race track, but most of the time I’m sitting here banging on the desk screaming, can’t you get it right, I’m  on the tee in 20 minutes and I want to hit balls first.

If the people covered in #1, 2 or 3 worked for me, I would fire them in a New York second. The Internet is the only place where a company or anyone can get away with being terrible or worse.

If brick and mortar business operated in this manner, they would be out of business fast.

4. Affiliate links in a forum member’s post really annoy me.  Newbies, how can you possibly believe anything you read or the help you get from people with affiliate links in their signature.

Affiliate links are for making money. Anything anyone recommends is under suspect as far as I’m concerned. I’m on everyone’s list and continue to be  amazed at the literally junk recommended as something worth while by self proclaimed gurus of Internet Marketing.

And that’s why anyone new  who continually buys the next latest  greatest Internet Marketing program should quit now, you’re never going to make it because you’re looking for the easy. The experienced  Guru will provide  the program for you  knowing it won’t work  because you still have to do some work that you won’t do because you’re lazy.

New people, wake  up.  There are no shortcuts to IM. I can give you every WP blog you want but you won’t make a dime on it. I can give you the blog, tell you what to do to make money and you won’t make a dime if you’re not willing to work.

Always here to answer your questions or help you succeed,