Nekara adalah semacam berumbung dari perunggu yang berpinggang di bagian tengahnya dan sisi atapnya tertutup. Benda ini memiliki nilai seni yang tinggi, terdapat pola hias yang beraneka ragam. Pola hiasnya yaitu pola binatang, geometrik, gambar burung, gambar gajah, gambar ikan laut, gambar kijang, gambar harimau dan juga gambar manusia. Ada juga nekara yang tidak diberi hiasan.

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Hey Johannes Völkner, A Little info is what you find about digital nomad and this is very interesting your article. I recommend this in Spanish that speaks of the same: besides this text in English of digital nomad and Yoga in Medellín:

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If you’re looking to get a bit more hands on then you may want to consider transcription work. This involves viewing video footage and writing down every word that is said, usually in an interview setting. It’s a bit tedious but super simple and easy to get through. You can find so many sites online who require transcription services and the pay isn’t half bad too.

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There are so many professions being catered to on these sites, from writers, marketing directors, video editors to human resources managers and even legal whizzes. If you can do the work remotely, they will be included in these sites. If you don’t have any professional experience or qualification that is fine too. You can apply for jobs which require beginner, intermediate or advanced levels of competency.
I´m a 23 yo male from Germany. I´m a certified IT Specialist - mostly doing helpdesk related stuff and also sysadmin stuff. I´m currently planning a world trip and was wondering how to extend my trip by working. My problem is all the remote jobs I can find are mostly programming and web design.... I did webdesign in school once and liked it a lot but I´m also colorblind (red/green and blue/purple if that matters) so I might not be able to fulfill customers needs. So basically my questions is, what are other remote jobs I can possibly do that fit my qualification. Any help and advice is very much appreciated.

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This article is completely true. There are benefits and drawbacks to becoming a digital nomad. It’s also not neeearly as hard is it looks. I’ve found being a web designer and developer to be the best possible outcome for living as a digital nomad. Not only can you work remotely with companies around the world but you can also get work locally. Eventually you can even start your own online business. These skills are priceless. I created a course teaching these skills specifically for digital nomads… You can fund it on Kickstarter now to get it at a ridiculous price or visit the website to learn more –

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Umumnya, corong air terdiri dari pipa baja tegak dengan diameter sekitar 8–12 inci (200–300 mm) dengan pipa horizontal yang terhubung ke ujung atasnya dan dapat berputar sehingga membentuk lengan ayun.[4] Bila tidak digunakan, lengan pada corong air tersebut berada sejajar sumbu sepur, artinya tidak merintangi jalan rel.[5] Corong air dapat memasok air hingga sebesar 10 meter kubik (2600 galon AS) air per menit.
Loved Warsaw. The city has great vibes, nice people, a good nomad, and business community, delicious restaurants, fun nightlife, and extremely inexpensive in my eyes (coming from Miami, USA). Got a nice apartment near the city center with less than $600 USD/month and meals out/groceries are half if not a quarter of the price at home. Throughly enjoyed my month in Warsaw and will be back.

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The first thing that we need to get out of the way is that everyone reading this post will be in a slightly different position. Many of you will probably already have the right skills but just need to do a better job of selling them, others might not even have an online skill at all. So there really isn’t just one solution that will work for everyone. 

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