Gris is a hopeful young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life. Her journey through sorrow is manifested in her dress, which grants new abilities to better navigate her faded reality. As the story unfolds, Gris will grow emotionally and see her world in a different way, revealing new paths to explore using her new abilities.
El cono invertido situado en la parte central del edificio se completó en junio de 2012 y finalmente el 15 de julio de 2012 tuvo lugar la ceremonia de puesta de bandera una vez se completó la estructura, con un retraso de diez meses sobre la fecha prevista de septiembre de 2011.36​ Las dos grúas de unos 200 metros fueron retiradas en junio de 2014.37​
En noviembre del 2017 el edificio fue adquirido por el fondo Strategic Value Partners (SVP Global)a la Sociedad de Gestión de Activos Procedentes de la reestructuración bancaria (Sareb), una sociedad anónima de gestión de activos procedentes de la reestructuración bancaria o banco malo, como heredera del crédito hipotecario que había sido concedido por la extinta Caja Galicia.

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Been living in 3 different centrally located airbnb in Berlin (2018), each between 800 and 900€ per month for 40-45 sqm (we're two, so 400-450€ each). Each time a full flat and not a shared airbnb, legal now since some months (though it was always possible to get a full flat before as well). Internet was always between 15 and 50 mbps. I spend 100€ per week on food, including restaurants (pretty cheap here), check for Turkish market on Maybachufer and Turkish stores in Neukölln (I spend less on food here than in Chiang Mai!). Berlin is such an awesome place to live, very multicultural, very tolerant, many different neighborhoods, quite relaxed feeling, many parks, lakes all around. No need to speak German at all. Come over here, probably one one of the best place on earth ;) (written in Sept 2018)
Gracias, Charo. Aquí tú eres la experta. Otro hilo más del que tirar: lo centrífugo generado por lo centrípeto. Te confieso que no sé usar ambos términos sin una chuleta. Se trata de una extraña ¿dislexia? por la que soy incapaz de discernir signos como el de mayor o menor. Los llevaba apuntados siempre en los brazos en mis exámenes de matemáticas. También tengo problemas para distinguir la izquierda de la derecha sin pensar con qué mano escribo. En un viejo relato (que trataba sobre la ciudad, por cierto) usé esto, aunque con otro sentido. Empezaba así (lo leo ahora y no me parece una explicación adecuada de lo que digo, pero bueno):
This has resulted in the creation of several programs targeted at digital nomads such as the e-Residency in Estonia and a SMART visa program in Thailand. Estonia has also announced plans of a digital nomad visa, following its growing e-Residency applications.[31][32] Some digital nomads have used Germany's residence permit for the purpose of freelance or self-employment[33] to legalize their stay, but successful applicants must have a tangible connection and reason to stay in Germany.

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The digital nomad lifestyle became significantly more popular in recent years due to a number of factors. Internet connectivity becoming more widespread, even to rural areas, has helped people travel to more areas (digital nomad or otherwise).[8][22] Jobs becoming less location-dependent (such as graphic designers and writers) has also contributed to the ease of the digital nomad lifestyle.[22] There are some negative factors as well that cause people to become digital nomads. These include political unrest in their home countries, a high cost of living where they live, the diminishing of long-term employment, and more.[22]

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Spend a few hours and learn the Korean alphabet (not that hard) and Google some names of Korean dishes + it's spelling in Korean. It will help a lot as most restaurants only have Korean menu's and often without pictures. As mentioned previously on the reviews, it's a little hard to eat alone, but Gimbab Chonguk (김밥천국) is everywhere and 24/7 - no one will bat an eye. Also look for places that "specialises" in dumplings, They are usually "alone-eating" friendly. And so are ramen places as well as Korean "chinese" restaurants - Jajangmyeon (자장면) is very good and super addictive. Bibimbab restaurant places are fine too. Actually, it's not that hard to eat alone in Korea. The "group" meals are generally quite obvious and will be things like BBQ. You'll figure it out. Do Get used to kimchi and spicy food otherwise you'll end up eating the same thing all the time. Be adventurous. Challenge yourself and eat an octopus alive (산낙지). If you're really brave try 보신탕 before authorities close them all - I haven't but a lot of Weagukins (foreigners) secret do. Cafe's generally have really good wifi, as you would expect from one of the most connected countries in the world. Expect to pay $4-6 for a latte and maybe even more at Starbucks. Best cafe's are usually around Hipster areas and Universities. Indie owned cafe's are awesome. Nightlife is great, probably amongst the best in Asia. Can get very expensive especially at night clubs in Gangnam where it would could be like $10 for a beer - in that case you can still get drunk for $2 with soju just outside at 7Eleven. Winters are stupidly cold and summers can be brutally hot & humid. Go between April and June or September to October. They have cherry blossoms in spring which is beautiful and so are the autumn leaves. Lived here for many years. It's a cool place and vastly underrated. Seoul is continuously becoming more expensive and cost of living will soon be comparable with places like Tokyo. 

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