Many digital nomads tend to come from more developed nations with passports allowing a greater degree of freedom of travel. As a result, many tend to travel on a tourist visa.[29] While it is technically illegal for a digital nomad to work in a country on a tourist visa, many digital nomads tend to reside in locations with a lower cost of living while working remotely on projects outside their country of residence. In most countries, as long as the nomad is discreet and is not taking a job away from a local person, the authorities will turn a blind eye to nomad work. Visa runs are also often common in the digital nomad community. Some nomads have also attempted to legalize their stay by taking up part-time jobs in teaching English as well as taking university courses in their host country. In addition, digital nomads are often using their status as permanent travelers to escape the tax liability in their home countries without, however, immigrating to the tax system of another country.[30] Nevertheless, this practice is considered controversial amongst digital nomads.
↑ El edificio iba a alzarse 200 metros de altura, que se lograrían con la adición de un pináculo arquitectónico, pero por el momento no se ha instalado. El arquitecto técnico del proyecto, Guillermo Campos, afirma que la altura en la azotea es de 192 metros (minuto 27:10 del vídeo).104​ La altura de 192 coincide con la que marca el CTBUH en su base de datos.1​ 

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↑ Los medios nacionales que se hicieron eco de la noticia son: RT en español,117​ Antena 3,118​ Nació Digital,119​ y La Gaceta de Salamanca.120​ Los medios internacionales como el Daily Mail,121​ ZDnet (grupo CBS),122​ CNN,123​ New York Daily News,124​ Corriere della Sera,125​ The Independent,126​ The Huffington Post,127​ Libération,128​ Bild,129​ Focus,130​ N24,131​ Neue Zürcher Zeitung,132​ Der Spiegel,133​ Stern,134​ Die Welt,135​ Sankei Shimbun,136​ y Yomiuri Shimbun136​

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"No me gusta mirar los mapas. Tengo una suerte de dislexia con ellos y, si no pongo una extrema atención, confundo unas calles con otras, de tal manera que cuando busco, por ejemplo, la plaza del mar, lo que hago es caminar justo hacia el lado contrario, hacia la avenida de las islas, y no porque confunda las direcciones, sino los nombres. Mi memoria los cambia de lugar. Me extraño entonces de estar caminando en sentido inverso –porque mi intuición, a la que nunca obedezco, no suele fallar-, pero aún así, me digo: sí, sí, la plaza del mar está por aquí, lo he mirado en el mapa. Y continúo, ajena a los letreros y fiel a un itinerario que sólo existe en mi cabeza".
I spent 3 weeks in Belgrade (July 2019) to visit a friend who relocated. To be honest, while i've traveled somewhat extensively, and leave the USA on average three times per year, I had no idea what to expect in Serbia (Belgrade). I'd never been to Eastern Europe, let alone the Balkans. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly friendly just about everyone was. Everyone spoke english everywhere I went: cafes, restaurants, supermarket, taxis, shops, etc. My friend has very small children, and Belgrade is FULL of parks. The parks are routinely teeming with parents, as it seems there's some sort of a baby boom going on there. I was able to easily strike up friendly conversation with locals, who were extremely cordial. Even though I was there to visit friends, I spent the majority of my time alone exploring. I stayed in the city center, close to Republic Square. From there I could walk just about anywhere; the river, the mall on the other side of the river, waterfront, the old fort, etc. Taxis were extremely cheap, but often I just preferred to walk, even to Vracar from where I was in Venac , which is about a 30 minute walk, just because it was nice to experience Belgrade and people watch along the way. The AirBnb I rented had a functioning kitchen, and food in the supermarket is pretty cheap, but so is eating out (by American standards). I routinely had lunch or dinner with a drink, coffee and desert for anywhere from $11-18USD on average. I chose mostly to sit at any one of the countless open air cafe/restaurants twice a day, because it was so worth it. Is Belgrade the most exciting place on the planet? Probably not. At the same time, it's not boring either. I ended up loving the place. Between the people, the fact that I felt completely safe walking around by myself past midnight on many occasions, the great food, and typically European feel, I would definitely recommend Belgrade. Especially if you're not on a London/Paris budget, but want to experience Europe. People are much nicer also.

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Been living in 3 different centrally located airbnb in Berlin (2018), each between 800 and 900€ per month for 40-45 sqm (we're two, so 400-450€ each). Each time a full flat and not a shared airbnb, legal now since some months (though it was always possible to get a full flat before as well). Internet was always between 15 and 50 mbps. I spend 100€ per week on food, including restaurants (pretty cheap here), check for Turkish market on Maybachufer and Turkish stores in Neukölln (I spend less on food here than in Chiang Mai!). Berlin is such an awesome place to live, very multicultural, very tolerant, many different neighborhoods, quite relaxed feeling, many parks, lakes all around. No need to speak German at all. Come over here, probably one one of the best place on earth ;) (written in Sept 2018)

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El edificio se asienta sobre un estrato de margas alteradas de nueve metros de espesor, medidos a partir del tercer sótano. Dichas margas fueron suficientes para soportar las cargas de la zona de garajes, que fueron resueltas con zapatas aisladas, sin embargo no eran capaces de atender a las solicitaciones exigidas por las torres.30​ Es por ello que se optó por una cimentación basada en la instalación de un total de 144 pilotes de 1500 mm de diámetro de 12 metros de profundidad hasta lograr un metro de empotramiento en la roca caliza sana, unidos entre sí mediante una losa-encepado de 2,5 metros de canto.31​ El armado de la losa-encepado tuvo lugar en septiembre de 2008, dejándose un hueco para el foso del ascensor.29​ El pilotaje fue realizado de manera simultánea a la realización de los sótanos de garajes entre noviembre de 2007 y abril de 2008.29​

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