I lived in Buenos Aires in 2018 and I loved it. I highly recommend living/staying in the Palermo SoHo neighborhood. It’s full of energy, life, excellent cafes, co-working spaces, pubs, nightlife, etc. Also Palermo has the lakes and incredible rose gardens for hiking and enjoying Yerba mate. I also recommend hiking at the ecological reserve “reserva ecológica” The public underground metro called SUBTE is very efficient. The city has been adding bike paths. The locals were very friendly, outgoing, and easy to meet. They seemed interested in meeting people from other countries. I recommend trying to speak Spanish and they appreciate the effort. The women are also gorgeous and friendly to foreigners. Inflation is really making it hard for local people. Also as with most major cities, keep your cell phone and wallet in your front pocket and don’t be flashy with new iPhones. Using basic street smarts and simply staying alert at night, I had no issues. The Palermo and Belgrano neighborhoods seemed to be the safest and most relaxed. Make sure you try local foods, drink Yerba Mate with locals, take a weekend trip via a short train ride to “Tigre” where you can rent an affordable cabin and spend the weekend on the water, kayaking, fishing, drinking mate, etc. Argentina is really nice! Enjoy!

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Sin embargo, precisamente esa independencia geográfica supone para el nómada digital una serie de nuevos retos, como la falta de separación clara entre el tiempo de trabajo y el tiempo de ocio, la dificultad para mantener una conexión fiable a Internet y la dificultad para mantener contacto con familiares y amigos. Desplazarse por distintos países puede suponer, además, adaptarse a la legislación, zona horaria e incluso al idioma de cada país, así como tener que conseguir visados de trabajo o mantener un seguro de salud de ámbito internacional.1​2​
En realidad la ciudad crece de dentro hacia afuera y las periferias urbanas se pueblan de nuevas generaciones de habitantes del centro que se desplazan en busca de viviendas asequibles y acaban por encontrarse con los que ya poblaban aquellas zonas o nacieron allí. El flujo es centrífugo, en efecto, pero sería un efecto inverso del que se experimentaría dentro del embudo, el cual genera una atracción centrípeta. En este caso los flujos migratorios se moverían de la periferia al centro y serían engullidos por este. Pero veo que se trata de una paradoja inquietante que desafía la lógica gravitacional y esta, en el ámbito del comportamiento humano, nunca responde a leyes físicas, casi siempre a las caprichosas leyes del azar.

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↑ El edificio iba a alzarse 200 metros de altura, que se lograrían con la adición de un pináculo arquitectónico, pero por el momento no se ha instalado. El arquitecto técnico del proyecto, Guillermo Campos, afirma que la altura en la azotea es de 192 metros (minuto 27:10 del vídeo).104​ La altura de 192 coincide con la que marca el CTBUH en su base de datos.1​

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Certain destinations are among the more popular locations for digital nomads, including Chiang Mai, Thailand, Colombia, Mexico and Bali due to a low cost of living and reasonably high quality of life.[25] [14][26][27] For example, the town of Ubud in Bali became popular among digital nomads after the installation of fiber-optic communication for Internet access.[23] Other cities include Tallinn, Tarifa, Bansko and Tbilisi due to critical mass and greater acceptance of the digital nomad lifestyle as well a relatively lower cost of living. Cities that have a higher cost of living exist for digital nomads, include Singapore and Oslo.[14] Other notable movements loosely related to digital nomads rising in popularity include Vandwelling. Due to the popularity, opportunities for people to live as a digital nomad in the area exist to facilitate this.[18] In the United Kingdom, certain cities such as Bristol, Birmingham, and Brighton are popular. This is due to the lower cost of living compared to London.[28] Organizations such as Innovation Birmingham exist to accommodate 90 technology companies.[28]

I spent 3 weeks in Belgrade (July 2019) to visit a friend who relocated. To be honest, while i've traveled somewhat extensively, and leave the USA on average three times per year, I had no idea what to expect in Serbia (Belgrade). I'd never been to Eastern Europe, let alone the Balkans. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly friendly just about everyone was. Everyone spoke english everywhere I went: cafes, restaurants, supermarket, taxis, shops, etc. My friend has very small children, and Belgrade is FULL of parks. The parks are routinely teeming with parents, as it seems there's some sort of a baby boom going on there. I was able to easily strike up friendly conversation with locals, who were extremely cordial. Even though I was there to visit friends, I spent the majority of my time alone exploring. I stayed in the city center, close to Republic Square. From there I could walk just about anywhere; the river, the mall on the other side of the river, waterfront, the old fort, etc. Taxis were extremely cheap, but often I just preferred to walk, even to Vracar from where I was in Venac , which is about a 30 minute walk, just because it was nice to experience Belgrade and people watch along the way. The AirBnb I rented had a functioning kitchen, and food in the supermarket is pretty cheap, but so is eating out (by American standards). I routinely had lunch or dinner with a drink, coffee and desert for anywhere from $11-18USD on average. I chose mostly to sit at any one of the countless open air cafe/restaurants twice a day, because it was so worth it. Is Belgrade the most exciting place on the planet? Probably not. At the same time, it's not boring either. I ended up loving the place. Between the people, the fact that I felt completely safe walking around by myself past midnight on many occasions, the great food, and typically European feel, I would definitely recommend Belgrade. Especially if you're not on a London/Paris budget, but want to experience Europe. People are much nicer also.

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New website, new ideas Now Digital Nomad is a collective of Portuguese #digitalnomads who in common have the will to work remotely, some because they already do it from cities like Manchester, Lisbon or Paris, others because they want to start doing it. Each of us now has a profile: nomadadigital.pt/nomada/ricardo-ferreira. It's from @[100000302651396:2048:Ricardo Ferreira], where I'm free to create all kinds of content want to share with the community and the world in general ;) The new website is a directory for customers to find #freelancers (btw if you want to enter the collective send message) or a space where customers can work on a monthly basis with our collective and the #projectmanager recommends the appropriate freelancers, depending on the Project Analysis. Did you understand what the new www.nomadadigital.pt? is

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Yo por aquel entonces era muy joven, tanto como para no darme cuenta de la cantidad de cambios en el paisaje urbano que se iban produciendo en una ciudad como Madrid. Por aquel momento sólo hacia caso a las advertencias que mis padres realizaban a la hora de recordarme que no debía salir a jugar a tal sitio cruzando dos o tres calles, “allá al fondo”, porque aquello era un pequeño poblado chabolista y no era un lugar seguro para niños. Al cabo de un tiempo esa advertencia dejo de escucharse, el poblado desapareció, la grandes maquinas hicieron presencia para devastar el pequeño poblado y paulatinamente hacer una avenida con su asfalto y trafico de coches corriente, zona comercial e incluso zona verde donde ahora si podríamos jugar.

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