“Well, you know. We all want to change the world”, but that’s almost impossible. Meanwhile, we find satisfaction in dedicating our work to those projects that aim for a better world. Social enterprises, NGOs, ethnographic research, green developments, sustainable businesses... If you are an organisation that needs our services, drop us a line and let’s start moving forward.

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I spent 3 weeks in Belgrade (July 2019) to visit a friend who relocated. To be honest, while i've traveled somewhat extensively, and leave the USA on average three times per year, I had no idea what to expect in Serbia (Belgrade). I'd never been to Eastern Europe, let alone the Balkans. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly friendly just about everyone was. Everyone spoke english everywhere I went: cafes, restaurants, supermarket, taxis, shops, etc. My friend has very small children, and Belgrade is FULL of parks. The parks are routinely teeming with parents, as it seems there's some sort of a baby boom going on there. I was able to easily strike up friendly conversation with locals, who were extremely cordial. Even though I was there to visit friends, I spent the majority of my time alone exploring. I stayed in the city center, close to Republic Square. From there I could walk just about anywhere; the river, the mall on the other side of the river, waterfront, the old fort, etc. Taxis were extremely cheap, but often I just preferred to walk, even to Vracar from where I was in Venac , which is about a 30 minute walk, just because it was nice to experience Belgrade and people watch along the way. The AirBnb I rented had a functioning kitchen, and food in the supermarket is pretty cheap, but so is eating out (by American standards). I routinely had lunch or dinner with a drink, coffee and desert for anywhere from $11-18USD on average. I chose mostly to sit at any one of the countless open air cafe/restaurants twice a day, because it was so worth it. Is Belgrade the most exciting place on the planet? Probably not. At the same time, it's not boring either. I ended up loving the place. Between the people, the fact that I felt completely safe walking around by myself past midnight on many occasions, the great food, and typically European feel, I would definitely recommend Belgrade. Especially if you're not on a London/Paris budget, but want to experience Europe. People are much nicer also.

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A partir de la planta 38, las características de la vivienda serán adaptables a las necesidades del propietario.109​ En su exterior, contará con dos piscinas —una semiolímpica y otra infantil—, zonas de ajardinamiento y recreo, solárium e instalaciones deportivas con spa, gimnasio y sauna.109​112​ El edificio dispone de tres plantas de sótano destinados a un total 389 plazas de aparcamiento así como trasteros y cabinas.81​

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